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WHAT YOU WILL FIND IN HERE? This Website has been made as a some sort of Harm Reduction Program. All vendors listed on this website has been listed for research and harm-reduction purposes only, to at least try to minimize drug overdoses across the country. Every single vendors in this list has been vetted multiple times by me, by general darknet and drug community. Their quality was consistently high during our observation period of more than a year, while having the fair price. All of them also had unlimited stock which prevents drug users for going back to the street and risking to overdose. Their shipping is mostly promptly, on time and there have been no accusations of rip-offs or exit scamming ever, The stealth method used by all of them passed all standards from our perspective. Customer service of these guys was also mostly a priority and they always solved or do their best to solve every single issues with their customers while answering every single messages during our observation period. If this site helped you, please do me a favor and share it with your friends. Like, I’m not asking for any sort of contribution and I never will, however I took my sweet time to dedicate to this project and all I want to know is that it’s helping people out there and it’s serving it’s purpose, so with that being said, if this helped you in any way with your choice, just share it, it’s 10 seconds of your life and it can make an impact on people’s lives.

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Welcome to Darknet Ultimate Guide – Where to Buy Everything? This website is created in the hope that it will serve the greater darknet community as a so-called whitelist of all trusted and community verified websites, marketplaces and vendors. On this page you should be able to get a directions as to where to buy X or Y item on the darknet without fear of getting scammed. This is a community project and personally I am sure that all of these websites/vendors are legit but as always, please have in mind that not always you’re gonna get your things on time or perfectly as advertised, especially not with thing like drugs. The most important thing is that you will not lose your money in the process. This list is incomplete and it will grow overtime hopefully. Please, if this guide helped you and if you really believe in a freedom of choice, share this with your colleagues, friends and family. Share this on reddit, telegram and help other people like I did helped you. Because there are more people like you out there who are struggling to get their medications on time because someone somewhere took an advantage of them.

Legit Tor Onion Links

About me

A long time ago I heard from a friend of mine about a place called the darknet where apparently you could buy anything you desire. I’ve googled about it here and there, learned some tricks and trade and downloaded software called Tor. I explored a range of the websites on there and I was happy until I’ve decided to order something for my addiction and I’ve learned the hard way that if something is too easy, or too good to be true it probably isn’t. I’ve got scammed 11 times in the process. This is why I’ve created this website. To help people like once myself find a way to obtain things they need and their Government is forbidding them. I’m a Hippie, rock-music lover, a Pacifist, I believe in Freedom, Democracy, American Dream of living a life. A life of Freedom. I believe in karma. Good things happens to good people.

How to use this website?

Use this website as an index of legit vendors and websites. Nothing is paid for or sponsored on my website. I didn’t done this for the money, I’ve done it because I believe in freedom. I will not dedicate a lot of time into this as I’ve already done too much. No matter how much you love something, you still need to eat and pay rent. I will do my best to update this regularly as time allows. Bookmark this page and visit it regularly. It may surprise you.


Are you after cocaine, heroin, MDMA, Ecstasy, LSD, Mescaline or some other drugs? I’m not going to judge. I don’t care. Below is a list of verified and trusted websites and vendors. I’ve tried them all myself over time and I was happy with the service they provide. I will try to pin down each drug and who’s the best plug for them. But let’s start with the marketplaces itself, shall we?

Best Drug Markets – Top 3 (with Reviews)

Currently there are 3 websites from where I actively buy drugs when I need them, they are as follows:

1. Dutch Anonymous Drug Store (dutchanonstore)


Dutch Market (dutchanonstore)

Review: This is not like an actual marketplace but rather a private market of collaborating vendors from Dream and Empire Marketplaces. This crew operates from at least 2018 (heard they’ve been in game before too) making them the oldest-running Darknet Market currently operating. What differs them from others are the possibility to have one-on-one contact with their support who are believe it or not better than Amazon. They have a 100% delivery rate or 100% reship/refund policy for their packages. This website is available for United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France and rest of Europe with drugs ranging from cocaine, speed, XTC, MDMA, Heroin, xanax, medicines, LSD and many more.

Tested them a good number of times and every single time package delivered within reasonable time frame. Quality may range from medium to good but overall they are currently the best option if you don’t have your vendor and don’t want to risk money trying one. They answer on all questions typically within hours, depending on the day. They are known to solve all issues with shipping although I never experienced any. A really professional crew I suggest everyone to at least give them a try because you will not be disappointed.

They operate a simple clearnet gateway for their catalog of drugs and prices, ordering are done through encrypted apps and they also have PGP key for the paranoid ones so this makes them a good option and a pretty safe one. The website accepts BTC and XMR as their payment options which is a norm for today’s darknet markets.

2. ASAP Market


Review: Asean Market established in January and became online in March 2020. User’s Safety and good OPSEC is always their first priority. Asean Market is built from scratch by experienced developers and that’s why the market is free of flaws.
The admins aim of creating a long-term marketplace with nice features that will become the next top marketplace in the Darknet.

Asean Market Rebranding. ASAP Market is built with top notch security and performance, well known as the most stable market platform. Proud to be first to introduce DeadDrop and with Maps feature. Offering the best user experience and advanced safety feature for deaddrop marketplace.

3. Incognito Market


Review: Incognito market is a dark web market that made it’s name around by introducing groundbreaking features never seen before on darknet. Incognito market is mainly a drugs market because it actively banned fraud related items on its platform. There is a decent selection of products available on the market. Buyers can use the safe escrow system to purchase their favorite items using major crypto currencies like BTC and XMR. The process of user registration to order placing is very simple and intuitive, thanks to the professional admins who have made this possible.

Where to buy Drugs on the Dark Web? Plug List for: Cocaine, Heroin, LSD, Ketamine, XTC, MDMA, Xanax, Meth, Speed, Oxy, Mkat, Hash, Fent? ***SOURCING***

HOW THIS WORKS? This is a community project. Me, trusted friends of mine did all acquired along this journey. EVERY SINGLE VENDOR on this list is personally tested by either me or some of my friends. So there is NO RECOMMENDATIONS VIA REDDIT, DREAD OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. You can also not pay us to be on this list. I do not want to take money for this project as that would be illegal. Do not even bother me about it. Everyone from this list is safe to be used and if anything changes, I will delist them. I will try to categorize every single drugs for United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherlands and Europe countries (most of them will work).

United States Vendors

Cocaine: I would go to dutchanonstore (via their website) or PartyCentral on ASAP Market. Both good options. Good quality, fast delivery, on-point stealth.

Crystal Meth: For T, dutchanonstore or HectorSalamanca. There have been better options out there for Meth but all MIA/arrested. I can only recommend this two guys. A little slower delivery on both but fairly good prices and excellent quality.

Heroin #4 FENT FREE H: Ok so this is a tricky one for sure. dutchanonstore along the way. You can also lookout for swplug. Old School both of them. 100% fent-free tested. Excellent quality from both of these with fast shipping and serious stealth. Usually T2D 1-2 days. Long legs, good lasting euphoria.

M30 Oxy: There used to be a lot of more options for this one, but as with most of these vendors, a lot of MIA/arrested. dutchanonstore offers some good presses. You can try it. WARNING: These are pressed Oxy’s, not real. However they are safe to use. Tried and tested!

Adderall: For speed pills dutchanonstore is one of the best options right now. Their pills are not original and should not be treated like ones. They are pressed however it works for most of the people and I tried them myself. It’s hard to find some good original Addys on the street so can’t give more options right now.

Xanax: For White and Green ones, dutchanonstore and drstix on ASAP market.

MDMA: Not a lot of options there, as usual dutchanonstore sells some good Molly, both in rock and in pills. PartyGirliinc is a good one too, on ASAP Market.

Fent: Not a lot of options here neither, dutchanonstore sells a little something.

Crack: On ASAP market you have a guy called deepdotdope. Offer good candy for a fairly good price. No other options I can vouch for currently.

LSD: If you need shrooms or LSD, ProfessorsEmporium is the go to guy for now.

Black Tar H: For this I can vouch for dutchanonstore or swplug. Both are very good quality.

Medicines: Are you looking for zopiclone, valium, xanax? Any other kind of medicine? DARKPHARMA and dutchanonstore are viable options.

Ket: For Special K, Partygirliinc and dutchanonstore are go to. Both offer rocks and sugar K.

This is all I have for US for now. Want more options or more things on the list? Don’t forget to bookmark our webpage and visit it regularly, we will update it from time to time.

United Kingdom Vendors

Cocaine: UK, Royal Mail, their Special Delivery and NDD (Next Day Delivery). In order to recommend here someone, a plug really need to prove themselves. dutchanonstore – on 1g and 2g, 1st class, usually 1-2 days delivery. Flawless, very good quality I would say always above 90+%. If you opt out for 3.5g and above, then they offer free Next Day Special Delivery, so less than 24 hours in your hands. Fair prices, good stealth, on top of their game for years. I would also add billybobshouse, one of the oldest vendors out there.

#3 H: If you need fast delivery every single time, good and fast communication, a fairly good product all the time then dutchanonstore is the only option I can recommend as of now. Next Day Delivery on all orders of 7g and above as far as I know.

Speed: There are a few good ones including dutchanonstore, FilthyFellas, tescoexpress and BudsBunny.

MDMA: As for Molly (rock/pills) it goes the same as for speed, dutchanonstore, FilthyFellas, tescoexpress and BudsBunny. 100% MDMA, good prices and fast shipping. Can’t get wrong wit these guys.

Hash: dutchanonstore and tescoexpress. Good quality Amnesia and Moroccan Hash for a cheap price.

Medicines: Are you looking for zopiclone, valium, xanax? Any other kind of medicine? SocialPharma and dutchanonstore are viable options.

Ket: For this one, filthyfellas, rambouk2uk and dutchanonstore.

Xanax: For great and cheap pressed bars, chillpharma is an option.

Weed: dutchanonstore. 28g is a minimum but very good quality and very cheap price.

4-MMC: dutchanonstore and rambouk2uk.

This is all I have for UK for now. Want more options or more things on the list? Don’t forget to bookmark our webpage and visit it regularly, we will update it from time to time.

Canada Vendors

Before I move on with these, I want to warn you that for every single drugs listed here there are only 2 available options. For more than that I can not vouch, so that’s why you will see only the same names below.

Cocaine: dutchanonstore and icywhitenorth are both very good options. Fishscale, acetone washed. xpress post. Fair prices.

#4 H: dutchanonstore and icywhitenorth. Clean H with no Fent, long legs.

ICE: icywhitenorth and dutchanonstore once again. According to what I’ve heard from trusted circles gear is better than local biker shit they are selling right there.

MDMA: Only in crystal (rock form), no pills. Both dutchanonstore and icywhitenorth are good options.

Ket: K in rocks form, s-isomer. dutchanonstore and icywhitenorth.

Crack: For Candy, dutchanonstore and icywhitenorth as with previous listings. Can’t say much about quality but knowing these guys it’s banging gear I guess.

This is all I have for CA for now. Want more options or more things on the list? Don’t forget to bookmark our webpage and visit it regularly, we will update it from time to time.

Australia Vendors

For Australia I also have only two options for every drugs listed below. For some of you this may not be ideal but simply I will not vouch for somebody if I can’t be 100% sure in him. There may be some better vendors out there too, with better products and cheaper prices, but point of this website is to list only reliable and trusted vendors.

Cocaine: dutchanonstore and ozconnection are selling good quality cocaine for Aussies at a bargain prices. Shipping every working day, fast and reliable shipping.

Heroin: High Quality White #4 H, from both dutchanonstore and ozconnection.

Meth: dutchanonstore and ozconnection are offering some good glass.

MDMA: dutchanonstore and ozconnection are offering good quality ketamine.

Xanax: Pressed bars, not original, but pressed with 100% alprazolam. dutchanonstore and ozconnection.

LSD: Good trips from dutchanonstore and ozconnection.

Ket: Good S-Isomer from dutchanonstore and ozconnection for a fair price.

Medicines: Currently there are only diazepam 5mg option for sale but I think it’s still worth nothing, both from dutchanonstore and ozconnection.

This is all I have for AU for now. Want more options or more things on the list? Don’t forget to bookmark our webpage and visit it regularly, we will update it from time to time.

Germany Vendors

Cocaine: For good quality cocaine you can try dutchanonstore, DutchDuster or Lekkercocaine.

Heroin: #3 H, good quality and long legs. dutchanonstore or DutchDuster.

MDMA: For MDMA you can opt out for DutchDuster, dutchanonstore or GreenLeafDE.

XTC: A couple of different pills from dutchanonstore or DutchDuster are good option.

Meth: For Meth, you should check out dutchanonstore, mercedes or GermanSpezialist.

Ketamine: dutchanonstore or DutchDuster is good option here.

4-MMC: GermanSpezialist is selling some good MCAT.

Speed: For speed, GreenLeafDE offers 3 ranges of speed, based on purity and also Cherry Speed which is nice. You can also try dutchanonstore or DutchDuster, good and nice speed paste.

Hash/Weed: For Hash and Weed GreenLeafDE is good option.

LSD: You should give a try a Mercedes on this one.

Medicines: A lot of medicines, from xanax to diazepam can be bought safely from dutchanonstore or DutchDuster.

This is all I have for DE for now. Want more options or more things on the list? Don’t forget to bookmark our webpage and visit it regularly, we will update it from time to time.

France Vendors

Cocaine: You can give a try these vendors: dutchanonstore, Mbappe2021 and maestro22. All three are good.

Heroin: dutchanonstore and maestro22 offers good and normal quality heroin for very good prices.

Speed: For Speed you should check out maestro22 and dutchanonstore.

Ketamine: S and R-Isomer, both from dutchanonstore and maestro22.

XTC/MDMA: MDMA in crystal and pill form, blue punishers. dutchanonstore and maestro22 only good options.

Hash/Weed: For Hash and Weed you should check out Mbappe2021.

This is all I have for FR for now. Want more options or more things on the list? Don’t forget to bookmark our webpage and visit it regularly, we will update it from time to time.

Switzerland Vendors

Cocaine: For cocaine you should go with SwissDrugCartel, alberthofmann or dutchanonstore. All 3 are good with dutchanonstore and SwissDrugCartel being a little cheaper.

Heroin: You can go with dutchanonstore and SwissDrugCartel here. No miss.

Speed: For Speed, dutchanonstore and SwissDrugCartel are the only options.

MDMA/XTC: Good quality MDMA in pill and crystal form can be found at dutchanonstore, SwissDrugCartel and alberthofmann.

Ketamine: Same as with MDMA, this drug can be bought safely from dutchanonstore, SwissDrugCartel and alberthofmann.

LSD: Acid is being sold by SwissDrugCartel and alberthofmann.

2-CB: This can be bought from alberthofmann.

This is all I have for CH for now. Want more options or more things on the list? Don’t forget to bookmark our webpage and visit it regularly, we will update it from time to time.

Netherlands Vendors

For NL we only have two safe options we can vouch for and that being NLPost and dutchanonstore. Both legendary vendors. Quality is good and the drugs being sold by them are as follows:

Cocaine: dutchanonstore and NLPost are selling high quality cocaine.

Heroin: dutchanonstore and NLPost are both offering good quality #3 H for a cheap price.

MDMA: If you’re looking for Molly, dutchanonstore and NLPost are the only options here too. However both are selling only MDMA in crystal form.

Ketamine: Same goes for Ket, dutchanonstore and NLPost.

LSD: NLPost is an only option for good quality LSD in domestic NL.

Crack: You can go with dutchanonstore and NLPost here. Both good.

Speed: NLPost only.

This is all I have for NL for now. Want more options or more things on the list? Don’t forget to bookmark our webpage and visit it regularly, we will update it from time to time.

Europe (EU) Vendors

The vendors listed below are only for European Union countries. If your country is in EU then these vendors can ship 100% safely there with no risks as they have great reputation.

Cocaine: For cocaine, visit dutchanonstore or DutchDuster. You can also go with LekkerCocaine.

Heroin: For good quality H, dutchanonstore is the best. Ships from both France and Germany into EU. You can also go with DutchDuster and Maestro22.

Speed: dutchanonstore and DutchDuster are good options. You can also try Maestro22 but they ship from France.

Meth: Mercedes and dutchanonstore are only two options here.

MDMA/XTC: dutchanonstore and DutchDuster are both selling MDMA in both, crystal and pill form and are shipping into whole EU.

LSD: Mercedes only.

Medicines: For all kinds of pharma-medications you can go with dutchanonstore and DutchDuster.

This is all I have for EU for now. Want more options or more things on the list? Don’t forget to bookmark our webpage and visit it regularly, we will update it from time to time.

Credit Card Shops and Vendors

At this current time we don’t have anybody we could vouch for. Everything we tested so far ended up by being a complete scam. Please bookmark this website as we will include something at some point.


This website is made public with the intention to aid the Internet users with navigation of the so called dark web. This website does not promote any site listed here. We have never received a compensation in any form for operating this website. We are not responsible for any harm or loss you may receive by following links listed on this site.

If you find a link that is not working let us know on our contact page. You can also suggest new links there.