This FAQ should answer all your questions about markets loading slowly, why are they down, should you use alternative links and what to do in case your favorite market is down. This should also serve as a guide in how to use markets properly in order to avoid being phished.

Q: Market that I’m currently using is down, why is that?

A: Darknet Markets are frequently under DDoS attacks. DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service attack and it works in a way that it floods targeted service or network (website) by overwhelming the target or its surrounding infrastructure with a flood of Internet traffic (bots). Some markets can better defend themselves due to amount of money they have or technical knowledge, while some others may fall prey to this type of attack. In some cases market admins can shut down their website and steal all of users money, like it was the case with Empire Makret.

Q: Why is someone DDoS-ing a market?

A: There could be a number of reasons why a market is under DDoS attack. It can be a competition who is trying to gain new users by taking down one of the largest markets, a extortionist who is trying to earn money by asking the market admins for ransom, or in some cases DDoS attacks are used by Law Enforcement agencies as a tool.

Q: Is there anything I can do?

A: If the market you are using is currently down, try using a different link from our homepage. (Please keep in mind that some markets only have 1 URL by default and they do not offer alternative links).

Q: All links from your website are down, what now?

A: If all the links from our homepage are down or loading slowly, try using a new identity/circuit in Tor Browser. In order to do this please click on the settings in the upper right corner of your Tor Browser screen (3 lines icon), as shown in the picture below:

Next, please choose either New Identity or New Tor Circuit for this Site as shown on the picture below:

If you click on “New Identity”, Tor Browser will close all open tabs and will restart itself, closing all your websites. Go back to our website and enter your desired market by clicking on one of the links.

Q: Market is still down, what now?

A: If your tried all the options from above and market you are using is still down, don’t panic. Wait 20-30 minutes and come back later. Give market admins some time to stop the attack and relax yourself.

Q: Should I google for alternative links, should I try some other websites?

A: NO! By using links from different sources you are exposing yourself to phishing attacks. You may lose your money or your whole account by depositing it into the phishing website used by scammers to defraud your hard earned money.

Q: What are Phishing Websites?

A: A phishing website (sometimes called a “spoofed” site) tries to steal your account password or other confidential information by tricking you into believing you’re on a legitimate website. You could even land on a phishing site by mistyping a URL (web address) or by following advices and links from different sources, google, forums and many more.